Time to Move On


Many Europeans claim that there is something fundamentally wrong with German people for going along with the Third Reich. But there is not. Every culture and people have done some fucked up things at one point or the other.

Blindly following like clinically retarded sheep is just human nature, and very little has changed throughout human history. Case in point being the nearly universal mass hysteria from the people of the western world today willingly and actively seeking their very own self-annihilation at the hands of anarcho-tyrannical governments and invasive cultures and ideologies. With hindsight, historians will ask: How could they? How could they open their borders? How could they disarm themselves? How could they relinquish they hard-earned freedoms? 

In the meantime, no culture, no country, is in a position to lecture Germans. From their own actions throughout history, as well as their current retardation in modern times.

It is time for the German bros to drop the guilt, move on, and reclaim their heritage.