Independent Catalonia


Our positions are based on our fundamental beliefs and ultimately what is in the best interest of our people. Namely, tribalism, and a fragmented Europe.

Tribalism is difficult in a large homogeneous organized state, and simply impossible in a union of culturally foreign states. Tribalism is only possible when people who share the same values, culture, and ideology are able to get together and self-govern, without state or union oppression. Any region in Europe pursuing independence is in fact moving towards tribalism. Catalonia separating from Spain is moving towards tribalism. And this is simply music to our ears.

A unified Europe is also a threat to our way of life. A unified Europe tries to control as well as drain our resources, while attempting to annihilate our culture and identity, at the hands of states we have no cultural common ground with. A united Europe promotes the anarcho-tyrannical states embraced by feminist and liberal governments, which will be the demise of western civilization. A unified Europe has become an enemy that must be broken, and a fragmented Europe is essential in salvaging as well as protecting our culture, and ultimately our people. Every region that seeks to separate from the state, may it be Catalonia, Scotland, or Corsica, simply is in our best interest up in the North.

From a strategic point of view, potential open borders within Catalonia in line with some of the pro-independent parties' platforms is not only merely collateral damage in the grand scheme of things, but also even in our best interest when it comes to tribalism, a fragmented Europe, and preservation of our culture and way of life.

Migrants in Catalonia are migrants that will not reach our own borders. Especially in an independent Catalonia that is not the subject of any freedom of movement agreements with us or the rest of European countries. Open borders within any state eventually causes societal collapse, which would be greatly accelerated in a newly independent state like Catalonia. Societal collapse would quickly awaken people in Catalonia when it comes to immigration, ultimately providing a text book example of the toxicity of liberal and globalist policies. The resulting turmoil would also greatly weaken Spain as well as the rest of Europe. 

And a weakened Spain and EU simply is good news for us. Our primary connection to Spain was the Inquisition spreading to our shores like a cancer, torturing and killing our own people in the name of an imaginary desert man, and nearly destroying our culture. We're pretty sure as well that the miserable, bitter, frigid dumb cunt Isabel of Spain ruined sex for most people in Europe to this day.

Outside of that, we don't really have any cultural connection to Spain and its related cultures. Statistically, Spaniards, and the entire south of Europe, are lazy and are a drain to northern nations. One just needs to visit Spain and try to obtain services during the work day to fully fathom the extent of cultural differences for everything, including work ethics. One should also compare the sorry state of affairs in Barcelona with the situation in places like Oslo when it comes to cleanliness and hygiene. We could go on and on but the bottom line is that we have little cultural affinities with southern European people.

An independent Catalonia therefore kills two Christians with one arrow: It promotes our ideological views of tribalism, while fucking up Europe and weakening Spain which can then go about their own business while we mind our own. Cannot go wrong with that.