Theft for a Living


With the popularity of the (retarded) Viking TV show, many improvise themselves as "Vikings" in order to milk the culture and make a quick buck. 

Many of those won't even go through the trouble of creating their own products or designs, electing instead to steal materials from us.

Latest case: Iron Bean Coffee Company, owned by Fred Dedrick and his wife Chanell Dedrick, using a visual that is clearly a total rip off of our Loki illustration, allegedly "designed" by another thief in the name of Richard Bonk. To add insult to injury. the dude refers to himself as "Thor" and is allegedly a United States Marine (hard to believe have Marines have honor). 

What people seem to forget, however, is that intellectual property theft for commercial purposes is a crime in the United States, as well as most European countries.

The bunch at Iron Bean Coffee Company therefore just ended with criminal charges. 

There are consequences to being an argr and níðingr.