The Greatest Threat

The greatest threat our culture ever faced wasn't centuries ago with the forced Christianization of Scandinavia. It is not directly Islam either today. No. The greatest threat we have ever faced is regressive liberalism driven by feminization of society and feminism, and their revisionist approach to everything to suit their narrative and agenda. 

To the regressive liberal propaganda machine, nothing is sacred, even if their very existence depends on it... They have completely ruined the term "warrior" already, calling every possible loser you can think of warrior, even though they never saw combat and never would. Leading to retarded shield maiden shit and other insanities.

Now, it is the turn of Norse culture as a whole, and pissing on our ancestors and Æsir with the promotion of the concept that transgender freaks go to Valhöll or Valaskjálf (Týr's hall). You know, the most significant halls in Norse culture, a warrior culture, being reinvented so now they are the place of choice for not only the weakest elements of society who have never seen combat, but also those who are mentally ill. 

This is simply utter insanity. 

Here are some examples, nurtured and promoted by various "Asatru" organizations:


The typical demographics of "Asatru" organizations: mentally ill absolute losers who wouldn't even be used as fish bait in a warrior hall.


The rest of "Asatru" organization followers are blinded by retardation and virtue signaling and never miss an opportunity to back up a freak, even rewriting science as needed, or taking elements of Norse culture they clearly cannot even remotely fathom completely out of context. 


... And the absolute retardation and delusion of the mentally ill, the unfit for anything, the weak, the really fucked up in the head, with the idea that Týr is "watching over" them (Abrahamic religion-style), and that they would end up in a warrior hall... 

And for those who are not convinced regressive liberalism is the greatest threat we have ever faced, and would be inclined to say it is actually Islam currently, let's remind them the obvious: Without regressive liberalism, Islam wouldn't be an issue in the first place.