Women Not Doing their Job... Again.


In yet another blatant case of women getting a job because they have a vagina and no other skills or merit, a Victoria BC RCMP female officer, part of the RCMP Federal Serious and Organized Crime Unit (of all units), refused to address a serious crime because she deemed the guy reporting it... "Rude".

At issue here is the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) leaking confidential sensitive personal and corporate data to organized crime, leading to millions of dollars in scams. Whether the CRA is infiltrated by organized crime, or the agency was just hacked, is unknown, after all, the RCMP has not even opened a file on the matter.

Officials at a federal company that had sensitive data leaked by CRA were asked by a regular RCMP detachment they had contacted to get in touch with what was referred to at the time as the "Commercial Crime Unit" at 250-380-6100, in Victoria, BC, Canada.

The female officer at the other end of the line never returned any of the 8 messages left by several company officials over the course of 5 months. When a company official finally got through to her, she refused to provide her name or badge number, she became agitated, abusive and hysterical, kept referring to him as "rude" and eventually hung up on him.

Still with no report filed, and no investigation initiated in the case.

Although the identity of that female officer is not yet known, her commanding officer is, surprise, another woman, named Penny Robinson.

As expected, this is now the subject of yet another complaint about the highly dysfunctional Canadian federal police. Reference number is R2018-001761.

Well, I guess that's what happened when you expected incompetent PMSing bitches to protect society...