More Female Fall Out

Photo Credit: U.S. Navy

Photo Credit: U.S. Navy

We could say it is yet another unintended consequence of allowing women alongside fighting men in the military, but it isn't. Would have been pretty difficult to not see this coming.

So, two SEALs were sent back home, from Africa, thereby dropping whatever they were doing for national security (they weren't there on vacation), because some bimbo claimed she was sexual harassed.

More specifically, brace yourself before we expose the hideous crime, a female service member accused the SEALs of "inappropriately touching" her... Yeah...

So, not only are women demonstrating daily they are not equal to men, as you just can't claim victimization from your equals, but the whiny over-sensitive weak bitches are now rewriting foreign policy and interrupting entire military operations just because they came into physical contact with, the horror, a male.

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