Work Ethics (Or Lack Thereof)


Upon reviewing several years of records involving various customer service issues with companies in Europe, we came to the assessment that more than 9 out of 10 complaints involved non-Europeans staff members.

Issues involved are quite varied, and include:

  • Being denied boarding on aircraft with no reasonable ground (including for one of our guys looking at a check in agent in a "threatening" way)
  • Being forced to change travel plans, and even face downgrade, in order to accommodate Muslim passengers, and being subjected to forcible removal from aircraft and arrest in case of non-compliance
  • Having our bank account unlawfully frozen with no reasonable ground
  • Repeatedly being provided rental vehicles without snow tires in winter, despite written agreements, with agents deciding that there is no snow in Norway, including the Arctic, at the end of November (!) and therefore the snow tires are not needed... Or telling us that we should take a train to Tromsø if not pleased (there is no rail line to Tromsø)
  • Airline and hotel punitive downgrades
  • Undue and unjustified lengthy searches of carry on bags
  • Denial of service guaranteed under various programs
  • Not receiving goods or services paid for

These various issues have been attributed to said agents simply lacking work ethics. This is yet another problem associated with out of control immigration that is rarely addressed. When people have been raised all their life in shit holes where the culture of the land is to abuse people and resources, they are not changing their way upon arriving in Europe, and instead, consistently degrade European work ethics. Ultimately making Europe less competitive and increasing unemployment and other social issues for all native Europeans.