"We're All Immigrants"


The latest response to out of control immigration from liberals is that "we are all immigrants". Are we all immigrants? Most of us are. However, we are immigrants of similar and compatible cultures...

In a country like Norway, it is undeniable that immigrants from Sweden (actual Swedes), Denmark, Iceland and Finland are of a very similar and compatible culture. The result remains a pretty homogenous culture and population.

Similarly, in the United States and Canada, the Scots, Irish, British, Norse and even French who settled the country were all of very similar and compatible culture. The result was once again a very homogenous culture and society, and the resulting building of great countries.

Immigrants from Africa and the Middles East, on the other hand, are not compatible with Western culture. Their upbringing in third world shit holes, their toxic ideology and religion, their oppressive views etc... will always clash with western countries, creating fragmented and broken societies in any country that welcome mass immigration from such areas.

So, the claim by liberals that "we're all immigrants" is plain bullshit and doesn't consider cultural compatibility.