Masculinity is Not Faggotry

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Western society has been in a relentless quest to emasculate men: Promotion of transgenderism (and resulting actual castration) as desirable and healthy, while at the same time designating masculinity as inherently toxic and a mental illness, and constantly attempting to feminize behavior of men, even in the military.

In an aneurysm-inducing exercise in aggravated cuckery and faggotry, now the useless "men" who are actually not male but just happened to have been a glitch in evolution by being born with the semblance of a penis, are trying to redefine masculinity into, well, faggotry.

Now. Masculinity cannot be redefined. Masculinity is based on fundamental evolutionary traits and characteristics inherently and biologically associated with males. If these useless argir claim to be so proud of who they are, why don't they accept the fact they are not masculine, nor men for that matter, but just emasculated, useless argir and an embarrassment to the male gender?

Watch the video, but understand an aneurysm is likely. And by the way, it ain't #EVOLVETheDefinition. It is #DEVOLVETheDefinition.