Gay Cognitive Dissonance

Those who follow us know we don't like the gay movement (a modern social construct unrelated to sexuality and advocating the emasculation of men, as one can still suck dick and remain a man).

Would we ban gay prides though, although we find them to be a disgrace? Nope. Live and let live (although we wish the gay community would extend us the same courtesy and let us be for wanting to keep our nut sack).

Yet, we are frequently harassed by the gay community for being "homophobic" and promoting "hatred". Clearly, in doing so they display astonishing cognitive dissonance as not being on board with something doesn't equal hatred.

The retardation gets compounded, with cognitive dissonance reaching new levels, however, when the gay community, while being on our back, embraces Islam, although they have already been "forced" to re-route gay prides in Stockholm to not get killed by Muslims, Muslims throw gay people off building or burn them alive in cages, and if any Muslim had any say, gay prides would not only be banned, but anyone attending them would be executed.

Yet, the gay community supports Islam, and slams us. More undeniable evidence that liberalism is, in fact, a mental illness.