Wanting to Keep our Sack "Hate Speech"

Rejecting the gay movement and its institutionalized and inherent feminization of men, hand in hand with feminism, is deemed "hate speech" by Facebook, even tough we make a point in the post of stating that we would not ban gay prides as we believe in "live and let live".

Beyond the out of control censorship turning western countries in totalitarian states at the hands not of governments, but instead corporate and popular tyrannies, this last incident, and the removal of a very benign post reported by gay people, reinforces one thing:

The gay community wants tolerance, but cannot tolerate any opinion that does not embrace their view, and will go through extreme lengths of bigotry and actual intolerance to silence anyone they don't agree with.

Guess what? This type of shit is unavoidably going to push gay rights back into the dark ages... Because tolerance is a two way street, and if the gay community cannot tolerate the fact we want to keep our sack as males (including homosexual males), we are not going to show much tolerance moving forwards. 

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