Abdallah Al Fath

In a video we recently posted (see https://youtu.be/VK3Fvsf02Qo), a Quebec woman asks Trudeau when the Liberals will reimburse Quebec for the $140 million the province wasted on illegal immigrants. Trudeau's response is to accuse the woman of being racist, telling us that there is no place for her in Canada (although she is Canadian-born), and trying to get her arrested by two undercover RCMP officer by falsely claiming she threatened him.

That's bad. It shows Canada led by Liberals is turning into a totalitarian state.

When the Prime Minister of Canada calls Canadian-born taxpayers "racists" who do not belong in Canada, it causes division and promotes hatred against Canadian-born people.

It is therefore no surprise that an immigrant in the name of Abdallah Al Fath (click here for archive of his FB profile) currently living in Montréal, Québec, would feel empowered by Trudeau's contempts for actual Canadians to actually come on our page to promote genocide against Canadian-born people, going as far as stating they should be "euthanized"...

When a Canadian citizen is nearly arrested for questioning illegal immigration, but an immigrant is allowed to openly and publicly incite actual hatred against Canadians, including genocide and euthanasia, any Canadian should realize it is time for Liberals to go.