Intersex v. Transgender: Different (Liberal) Standards

How do you make any sense of liberal absolute incoherence and cognitive dissonance?

On one hand, we are told anyone naturally and biologically born male or female should have the right to change gender and undergo surgery at any time, and certainly before they reach adulthood, just because they may feel like they are a different gender. Feel. As in it being in the head and merely a mental illness. Yet, based on a feeling, they should be allowed to irreversibly mutilate themselves.

On the other hand, we are told anyone naturally born intersex, that is neither male or female (usually a mix of both), should NOT have the right to pick a gender and undergo surgery until they reach adulthood, just because they cannot reasonably be sure what gender to go for. So, here we have an actual medical condition and anomaly, and the liberal position that nothing should be done until the person involved reaches adulthood. 

So, liberals say you cannot be treated and get a sex assigned if you are born with an actual anomaly as intersex until you are an adult, but that you can chop off your dick and balls as a child if born a perfectly fine male if you just feel like it at the time...

How can liberals possibly argue or justify such fuckery!?