Cultural Annihilation

We had important documents sent from Oslo to Canada overnight with UPS for several hundred dollars. The documents didn't make it the next day. Nor the day after, and there is now no hope that they will make it until next Tuesday, forcing us to actually fly someone from Norway today with the documents.

Of course, we wanted to know what the fuck happened. How a package went to Sweden, Germany, and back to Oslo to be delayed by now a week. So we called UPS.

UPS, in order to increase profits, no longer has staff in North America, and we were routed to the Philippines. All agents used Anglophone names as fake names, but couldn't speak decent English. So we didn't get anywhere. We just couldn't understand them.

So, we had one of our guys to speak French to try service in French... But for this, we were transferred to Egypt.... Where more idiots with a strong Middle Eastern accent couldn't even understand a tracking number. When we pointed out that they couldn't speak either of Canada's official languages properly, and we wanted to speak to someone physically located in Canada or the United States, the guy insulted us, with reference to Allah, and hung up on us.

So, here we are: In our own western countries. Ripped off by large corporations, but not even able to speak the country's official language with customer service representatives.

Our western civilization and culture is being annihilated at all possible levels, including our own languages... Soon, English and French will become like Old Norse...