NORSKK's Many, Many Crimes

We thought it would be nice to round up a list of crimes we allegedly committed according to both ends of the political spectrum (well, to be fair, it's mainly coming from the left, but not surprise here), and from some Christians (always trying so hard to make sure we always see Christianity having never evolved and therefore being like Islam).

So, here's the top 10:

  1. We run a (gay) porn site: Well, since it seemed to stress out so many repressed Christians, now we actually do! We named it (very appropriately) "Viking Wanking: When you're low on thralls" (as in no available hole to cum in). You can access this jewel at And worry not! You know how important inclusivity is to us, so there's a gay section too!
  2. One guy here may be, the horror, brace yourself.... French!!!! Ah, the French Connection... Well, wait, wasn't that a thing in the 1970's?!? (We keep smelling dudes around us, and can't smell any french bloke)
  3. Amaruk was one of our divisions: No shit Sherlock... We list it right on our web site, and even have an entire section about it!
  4. We discriminated against a Christian cunt: We wish we had! But we didn't. Although the cunt did sue one of our divisions (see The Paquette Saga. It's epic!)
  5. We run a scam and have been charged with fraud: Please, we beg you, can anyone, just anyone, who has been scammed come forward?!?! Can anyone, just anyone, find even ONE public record of a scam, a lawsuit, a charge?! Anything?! Anyone?
  6. We aren't Norwegian: Well, well, well... Then I really wonder how we managed to get Yeah, try to get a Norwegian domain name if you ain't Norwegian. Do tell is how it goes! Of course, we could have mentioned our legal information with the Norwegian registration number, but these are facts. Who likes facts?!?!?
  7. We were once Spartans and suddenly became Vikings: Ugh. What? Is that the thing about Spartis?!?!
  8. We rape women: You wish. But sorry, we stick to our species so we don't do land whales.
  9. We are misogynistic: Well, we probably are. With the way things are going with women (trying to be) in charge, what dude with a nut sack wouldn't?
  10. We are racist: If not liking Islam and being proud of being white is being racist, then we are racist indeed and proud to be!

By the way, for the haters interested in the T-shirt in the photo, you can get it at Check out the back too! All your hate for NORSKK concentrated in one graphic!