History is Hate Speech

When we thought censorship and the rewriting of our history couldn't get any worse, Facebook blew our mind. Again.

This time, the benevolent Zuckeberg removed a post that was a translation of jómsvíkingasaga (Saga of the Jomsvikings) from the 13th Century, as hate speech, because it referred to one of the rules of the Jomsvikings banning women from their compound, and of course combat...

Not only did FB remove the post, but those intolerant, oppressive fascists also blocked the guy who sent the post for... 30 days!

So, a mere translation of a historical text is hate speech, just because it doesn't follow the narrative and feminist as well as regressive liberal revisionist propaganda of the left...

Not only this, but now a sentence excluding women from a male environment nearly 1,000 years ago is deemed hate speech (when in fact, men are excluded to this day from many women environments). Yes. Hate speech. There is no reference to raping or killing women. Or even sending them back to the kitchen (where, at this point, it is evident they belong).

One is to wonder what actual hate speech would look like.

The irony of it all, is that the post was reported by cunts who claimed that women belong in combat, or that shield maidens were a thing... Again, to let it sink for a bit: Women who believe they belong in combat and are the equal (if not superior) to men, yet, cannot handle a translation of a historical text from the 13th Century that refers to excluding women from a male environment...

This is utter insanity. One sure thing, it will only reinforce our opinion that women don't belong in combat, and at this point no longer belong in a lot of environments, while strengthening our resolve to keep women out of our male environment.

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