Illegal Migrants Sue

Utterly appalling, but not surprising.

A social state, as in any state that provides tax-payers-subsidized assistance, can only work in an homogeneous society. Because everyone in an homogeneous society is expected to share the same ideas, pull their own weight, and have a societal connection with each other that makes social policies acceptable. They must also understand standards of decency. As in not suing for more money in a country you have entered illegally and that is already providing you everything for free.

The minute a society becomes multi-cultural, societal cohesion is gone, common ideas disappear, and parasitic invasive cultures, which do not pull their own weight, start abusing the system at the expense of the community and society itself.

Our western societies are also built to protect citizens. So once migrants are in, it will be very difficult to get rid of them, as they will milk the system.

This situation is made much, much worse when migrants are allowed to cross a border illegally, sending them two messages: One that laws don’t apply to them, and two, that the host country is weak and they can fuck it. Over and over.

This is why non-selective immigration is a cancer that will destroy every single western society.

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