Sverikistan a Failed State


Sverikistan, formerly Sweden, now an anarcho-tyrannical state, is getting closer every day to becoming a full blown failed state.

A Somali migrant (Mohomed Hassan Abukar) who (actually) raped a 13yo girl only got 150 hours of community service… And will not even face deportation (original article:

Meanwhile, a 65yo Swedish granny ended up in jail for 3 months for voicing opposition against Islam and Sweden’s reckless, out of control, and failed immigration policy (original article:

The shit show Sweden has become (hard to believe that at some point Swedes used to keep us Norwegians on our toes by frequently attacking us throughout history) is the direct result of women in charge, whose empathic and emotional brains (in contrast to men’s analytic brains) solely responds based on emotions rather than logic. That’s how we end up with an invasion of Sweden, with all the rapes and chaos normally associated with any invasion, embraced by the feminized and feminist government, while actual Swedes are raped, neglected, and now even oppressed and persecuted by the state.