Breathing Officially Harassment

“He was scary to deal with. Very intimidating. But did not make any threat etc.”

Excerpt from Freedom Of Information Access Request

Excerpt from Freedom Of Information Access Request

This annotation in the ICBC file of one of our officers was the basis for a hold being placed on his driver’s license, the police getting involved for harassment, and the 5,200 or so staff members at ICBC (primarily women) being asked to call security immediately to report any sighting of the guy…

The guy did not make any threat. ICBC staff admit to it. There is no reference to any insult, abusive behavior or language, or even the guy raising his voice. Nope. Nothing. Nothing whatsoever. Just the guy existing pretty much.

In other words, the guys wasn’t doing anything but merely breathing. And he paid a price for it, being extensively harassed, denied services, etc…

This is the new reality for many (intact) males in British Columbia, Canada. We are becoming disenfranchised from society and the very government services we finance with our taxes are denied to us just because we are men.

Government female staff now solely relies on masculine traits and features as being sufficient to exclude someone. Where will it end? Forced chemical or surgical castration? Concentration camps for men?

Those unfamiliar with ICBC (Insurance Corporation of British Columbia), it is a government run insurance/licensing monopoly (as in you cannot get insurance anywhere else), highly incompetent, rotten to the core, dysfunctional, and constantly losing billions of dollars, in part from being sued relentlessly for misbehaving and screwing clients.