Meat is the New Evil

A man’s food.

A man’s food.

It looks like meat is the next target of women and other vaginas in order to further emasculate Canadian males.

The Canadian federal government is now changing the food guide, pretty much excluding dairy and animal products, including meat, to promote something that looks like a vegan diet (see

And now some universities are removing meat from food available on campus (see, a sickening virtue-signaling cuckery pushed by vaginas of all gender, for only one purpose, let’s be real here, to emasculate males further (as if universities’ safe spaces hadn’t done a good job already).

The environmental claims are indeed utter bullshit (see, and even if they weren’t solution for environment is to curb out of control population booms from shit holes with resources they have completely destroyed, rather than emasculate the very men who are the only hope for third would countries to not ruin our resources like they have theirs.

Why the war on meat? Simple. Meat provides both protein and fat. Protein is used to build (male) muscles, and fat is essential for testosterone production in males. No protein = no muscles. No fat = no testosterone.

Sick, isn’t it?

So, you guys need to eat meat. And animal fat. And dairy! We wouldn’t have been able to settle the world as Norsemen without dairy (see

As an old Viking proverb says:

Matr er mannsins megin. Meat is man’s strength.