The Face of Fascism

It seems that, just because the left calls us Nazis (anyone who doesn’t agree with them is a Nazi), some people may have been under the impression we are actually Nazis… But we are not. We are tribal. The concept of a totalitarian state in absolutely abhorrent to us. And while we are proud to be white, oppose out of control immigration, and have some other conservative stands, well, we still aren’t Nazis.

So, when we occasionally post something bashing actually Nazism, the worshippers of Hitler and the Third Reich go into apoplectic shock. Because, like pot heads, they worship Nazism and can’t cope with any criticism of it. Like any extreme, they also can’t think straight and are defined by very strong cognitive dissonance…

This includes, and we will never understand it, being genetically deficient, to the extent they would not meet Aryan standards, and would probably eventually be sent to a gas chamber under Nazi doctrine.

In other a decade, we never came across, not even once, an actual white supremacist or Nazi who we thought had good genes, let alone, was genetically superior. I mean, without our own group, some of our Nordic guys, are genetic perfection (yet, they are not white supremacist), so we have a good reference. The Nazis are invariably stupid, uneducated, cowards (they very rarely use their real name), either obese or so skinny it is hard to assess them as males, and, and this is really mind blowing, many are not even white or don’t look white. They also, of course, except us to extend them freedom of speech, although, like the liberals, they oppose freedom of speech for anything they don’t agree with.

Latest case, today, is some southern or middle Eastern dude (so dark, difficult to know)… Using a fake name of course. Obese. And… Not white.


Well, he was very concerned we would delete his comment and prevent the world from seeing it. Well, he should be concerned no more.