Dereliction of Duty Legalized for Females

“Lieutenant” Laura Nash (Photo Credit: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation)

“Lieutenant” Laura Nash (Photo Credit: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation)

We knew that standards had been dramatically lowered in the Canadian Forces, more recently, across the board, in order to accommodate females. Now, females in the military no longer need to perform their military duties, with the blessing of Justing Trudeau, of course.

This case involves “Lieutenant” Laura Nash. We all know how she got the job, so let’s focus on how she performed the job. Well, she didn’t. She missed training, work days, and even deployments, because she had elected to take care of her family instead. This went on for years.

This is clearly dereliction of duty, and had it been a male, charges would have been laid. But rules of equality, as we all know, do not apply to women. So she got away with it. For years. Eventually, she was told that she really had to make a choice between being in the military, and taking care of her family, as she had clearly been failing her military duties for years.

What did she do? She sued. For discrimination.

What did Justing Trudeau, the worst prime minister in Canadian history, and probably the whole history for the free world do? He backed her up, saying “It's very simple. The choice Laura had to make is not acceptable. It is not acceptable in Canada"… Justing Trudeau effectively endorsed dereliction of duty for females, claiming they don’t have to perform their military duties if they have to deal with family matters. Utter insanity.

We used to be in the position that women did not belong in combat, but had their place in other parts of the military. Not anymore. The damage modern women and feminization are doing to the military has reached national security level crisis.

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