Vancouver Cultural Enrichment

The Fall of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

How diversity has destroyed Vancouver in less than two decades.


Downtown Vancouver:

While Asian migrants and criminals live in multi-million dollars condos, and the federal government spends $1.1 billion dollars over two years just to process illegal immigrants, Canadians cannot afford accommodations and are left in third world country conditions in the streets of Vancouver.


Chinese is primary language:

With out of control immigration, English is no longer the primary or official language in Vancouver, with signs being in Mandarin or Cantonese.


White Male is Gone:

White male has been completely excluded from society, including advertising. Here a store front not only showing 3 girls and 1 boy, but no white male at all. The only white male in the photo is homeless in the lower right corner.


Canadian Culture is Gone:

This is the ferry terminal in Vancouver, where one would expect souvenirs relating to Canadian culture, including Aboriginal culture. Nope, instead people are treated to African souvenirs, all the way with the shop owner being in full blown African clothing.