FHRITP Now Sexual Assault

Alanna Kelly, the actual cunt. (Photo Credit: CBC)

Alanna Kelly, the actual cunt. (Photo Credit: CBC)

When will Commonwealth countries reach bottom?

The RCMP (yes, the very same force that doesn’t respond to call from men, even if they are about to die) has filed criminal charges, and issued a warrant, against a Canadian man for telling a reporter: FHRITP (Fuck Her Right In The Pussy).

The cunt involved, Alanna Kelly of Kelowna BC, the very same shit bag who demands freedom of speech to publish her propaganda, referred to it as sexual harassment and assault, stating “"It started as a joke, but sexual harassment I don't think is ever a joke." She also “felt humiliated” of course, because although she is allegedly equal to men, she was victimized by a few words (contact is no longer needed) from a man.

The RCMP cuck, Cpl. Dan Moskaluk, couldn’t miss a public opportunity in cuckery, and said Kelly did the right thing in coming forward… (Coming forward to claim any type of victimization is ultimate social status for pussies of all genders). Knowing of course in the back of his mind that murders and crimes rates are out of control in Canada, but like British Police, the RCMP focuses on offensive words rather than actual crimes, like, you know, murder and shit.

Well, Alanna Kelly, if you weren’t such a cunt, maybe men wouldn’t refer to you as such. After all, you are working for the Canadian Broadcasting Cunts (CBC), also known as Cunts Broadcasting Cunts. So, a cunt, you are. Food for thoughts.

Original article: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/bo-poirier-fhritp-1.4969003