Highway Chaos

How highway travel in Canada has become an ordeal, while insurance prices are going through the roof. Another aspect of cultural enrichment.


Another day, and another closure of the primary highway in Canada: The Trans-Canada Highway. And we aren’t talking about 20 minutes closures… But sometimes days at a time, and on average, an entire day and/or night, causing unrecoverable congestion and making driving in Canada similar to driving in third world countries.

But it wasn’t always like this. Less than two decades ago, everything was flowing through snow and blizzards. Like it is in Norway. Road closures were an exceptional occurrence, not the norm.

So what happened… Well, our hint that it was like driving in a third world country was a good hint. Because, essentially, the chaos is the direct result of bringing third world country immigrants into Canada.

Majority of truck drivers in Western Canada are now from India. They do not speak decent English, of course, but most importantly, they can’t drive in snow… Because, well, you don’t get snow in Mumbai. Not to mention that they are used to the corruption and chaos of India, so they don’t really care about rules of the road. The result is utter chaos.

At the same time, insurance rates are going through the roof with ICBC (the state monopoly, the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia). Reason is out of control claims, and… fraud. Was it always like this? Nope. Again, a direct result of out of control immigration, with idiots who can’t even speak the language and coming from lawless countries ending up on the road… Causing the majority of accidents, and of course, milking the system for revenue through fraud, as they would do in their home country.

More cultural enrichment we all have to tolerate. And pay for.