Double Censorship


One of our guys (with a military/professional background that makes him understand hand to hand combat and self-defense very well) posted a video of some obese chick supposedly teaching self-defense, when in fact, she was teaching how to get oneself killed. His commentary is not politically correct, but doesn't account to hate. Let alone hatred against women. Just points out the obvious, and goes against the fat acceptance trend.

FB censored the post as hatred against women, and suspended him for 30 days.

When another one of our guys (similar background) made an other post saying that the first post had been censored, he was censored as well... As pointing out censorship was now deemed to go against FB community standards. He was hit with a 30 day ban as well… Third Reich style.

All because a man, who is trained to fight and knows better, pointed out that a fat chick had no clue on the subject… So, we are at a point where we cannot even point out facts, even if failing to do so will get a lot of women killed, and we can’t even refer to being censored.

The most scary part of all this, is that the oppression of men, as it is where we’re at at this point, and the pissing on fundamental freedoms such as free speech, are not the doing of governments as we were all raised/trained to fear, but by our very own people… Something unheard off in human history.

One sure thing, our days on FB are numbered. Either they shut us down, or we remove the page earlier than planned as we really have had enough of a platform that is nothing but cancer, and that has taken censorship to levels that would have made the Third Reich, Communist China, or North Korea blush in shame.