Stolen Valor


Losers falsely claiming to be “Ulfhednar” (can’t even use the proper spelling or singular form) are everywhere. We don’t seek them. But when they approach us, we confront them.

This was the case with Ryan Whitten. Allegedly a former Marine who then switched to the Army (we didn’t check). Well, a Marine switching to the Army should be a good indication already that something ain’t right up there.

Anyway, dude was advised that he couldn’t refer to himself as a “Ulfhednar”, as he wasn’t one. And falsely claiming the title, associated with the oldest military order in the western world, Skjǫldrinn, and specific blood lines, was stolen valor. Not to mention cultural appropriation. Also pointed out that most actual Úlfhéðnar were special forces operators, including some raiders.

The dude flipped. Like TBI-level flipped. Went on with a dysentery of insults, eventually accusing the Nordic operator who had pointed the situation to him that he was the one stealing valor for… Telling him he was stealing valor. Yeah, go figure.

Dude also went on threatening to post on vet forums to say we were all wannabes or whatever, for daring to tell him to not falsely claim stolen valor, and to not appropriate our culture.

So, however much it pains us to write about another Marine (allegedly) in this type of post, here we are. Making his life easier to get the word out.

And of course, dude is also now on the Official Níðingar Registry (ONR) for life…

Update 2019-03-11

In comments to this post, Ryan Whitten claimed that he “identified” as a “Ulfhednar” and therefore it was his right to use the term… In his next comment right after that, he stated that “Vikings didn’t exist anymore” and therefore we couldn’t refer to ourselves as Vikings… Yup… You can’t make that shit up.