The Greatest Weapon


A weapon that can be used by corporations, governments, and enemies to know everything about you: Your habits, behavior, lifestyle, spending, friends, family, values, ideology, political views etc… A weapon that can be used by corporations to hack your brain to make you spend your money, by governments to hack your brain to neuter you and turn you into a sheep, and for enemies to hack your brain to dominate and destroy you.

A weapon that keeps track of everything you say, like, read, click on… So it can be used against you as applicable and as needed.

Even in the most open, democratic, and free society, such a weapon would be scary. Now, imagine this weapon in the hands of increasingly anarcho-tyrannical or totalitarian governments, increasingly controlled by vaginas of all genders acting solely on feminine emotions and without the slightest capability for actual cognitive functions.

The potential for ultimate oppression and thus disaster is limitless.

An intact male cannot be liberal. Liberalism goes against the most fundamental evolutionary traits of a male relating to survival and self-preservation. As an intact male, you are an enemy of the liberals. Liberals will do everything to destroy you. It will get much worse.

It is time that you neutralize one of the main weapons they have against you, the internet. Delete your personal information from social media. Do not post personal information on social media. And be very careful what you say or like. It will be used against you. It is at this point just a matter of time.

(Note that, incidentally, that all hands in the illustration are non-white… We couldn’t find any decent illustration with white people).