ABC News: Shameless

Mainstream media in western countries have long been propaganda machines (primarily liberal) that make North Korea look open and tolerant.

No news outlet, however, has ever fallen as low as the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, which bias and bad faith is not only utterly astonishing, but a disgrace and embarrassment to the profession of journalist.

In an article promoting gun control in New Zealand (of course, ignoring the fact that taking away guns from Australians actually increased armed robberies by 69%, assaults with guns by 28%, gun murders by 19%, and home invasions by 21%), Ben Knight (at this point, Australia’s #1 cunt) refers to anyone who is not in favor of sweeping gun control laws without due process as… “New Zealand’s shooter’s lobby”…

You read that right… If you are in favor of democracy, and thus due process for laws that will dramatically affect your fundamental freedoms, and let’s be real here, your security (only way to respond to mass shooters is with guns), if you want the ability to protect your family, or if you don’t want to lose tens of thousands of dollars in confiscated weapons overnight, you are “New Zealand’s shooter’s lobby”, and thus, not only a white supremacist, but also a terrorist who supports Brenton Tarrant… (And yeah, we are naming the guy, because we are not Nazis, and we remember what happened the last time people were dehumanized, including by being stripped of their name…)

How low can the Australian Broadcasting Corporation go? And how rotten can a cunt who calls himself a journalist be?

(Note: And as if the taxpayers-funded ABC hadn’t rubbed us the wrong way enough, note the article in the lower right that manages to stigmatize wolves further by associating the animal with evil men and terrorists…)