NZ Seizing Crossbows and Airguns

From Adam Holland:

Police came around today and seized my airguns and unlawfully seized my crossbow (not a firearm)
The reason given is that I'm "not a fit and proper person to be in the possesion of an airgun" where's his reasoning?

It's obvious what this is about. Somebody in Christchurch, who I've never met, killed 50 people at two mosques on the 15th of March 2019.

The detective told me over the phone (all recorded) that these firearms were seized because I'm "right wing", again - their words. I have never voted in my life and have been eligible since 2008.

This is political persecution in New Zealand 2019. Welcome to your new police state, get used to it because more parliamentarian and police bullying tactics are coming whether we like it or not. Stay tuned for some more bullshit laws to be passed.