Death Threats against Telia

Telia, the Norwegian telecom company, has received numerous death threats from Muslims over social media in the last 24 hours, requiring the involvement of police.

Communication manager at Telia, Kristian Fredheim, stated:

“Vi kan bekrefte det er er fremsatt en trussel mot Telia. Det er nå en politisak, og vi har en god dialog med politiet. Ytterligere spørsmål må du ta med politiet. Sikkerheten til våre ansatte er det vi må prioritere nå, sier han til Kampanje.”

(We can confirm that there is a threat to Telia. It is now a police case and we remain in contact with the police. For further questions, please contact the police. The safety of our employees is our first priority now.)

What is Telia’s crime? Having dared to show a woman take off her hijab in a commercial, not aired in Saudi Arabia, but in Norway!

Surprised? Why would you be? Islam is a toxic ideology of conquest, and our feminized western socities are empowering them to ensure they fall under Sharia law within a decade.