We are a "Problem" in Our Own Country


According to Hadia Tajik, a Pakistani Muslim, now the deputy head of AP (Arbeidarpartiet), aka Labor Party (yes, similar as in in the U.K., and equivalent to NDP in Canada or Sanders in the U.S.), “Ethnic Norwegians are a bigger problem than Muslims (in Norway).”

Yes. You read that right. A Muslim from Pakistan, who moved to our country, is now telling us we, Norwegians, are a problem in our own country…

When will people understand that Islam is a toxic ideology of conquest!? When will people look at history and the astonishing destruction Islam has brought anywhere it went!?

Original Article: https://www.frihetskamp.net/etniske-nordmenn-er-et-storre-problem-enn-muslimer-mener-nestleder-i-ap/