Klarna: The Rotten Feminist Bank

No, despite what the image suggests, this is not the beginning of a porn… We know, it looks like it. Funny how feminists constantly complain about being objectified by men, and yet, will build an entire brand based on their vagina. Because, let’s face it, photos after photos showing not much more than legs is highly inconsistent with the professional image expected of a law firm. But this is beyond the point. Somewhat.

A few months back, we told you that Klarna bank had shut down the merchant account of a bro in Sweden because he was essentially a white male and his business not inclusive or diverse enough. To the great horror of Klarna bank, he was also promoting Norse culture, a big no no in Sweden.

It rubbed us the wrong way.

So, we registered www.KlarnaBank.us and pointed it to a porn site featuring the absolute worse of Swedish porn, while we were contemplating our legal options against the bank, to eventually post all details online so people would be wary of entering any relationship with those cunts.

Well, Klarna didn't like it. They had a law firm in Sweden send us a notice asking for the domain back (see http://norskk.is/bytta/klarna/klarna_domain_20190403.pdf)

Of course, we refused. And the lawyer bimbo Klarna sent our way got a earful... Here's the full response of the bro on duty at the time (nah, we won’t even waste money on our lawyer), quite entertaining: http://norskk.is/bytta/klarna/klarna_response_20190403.pdf

What is also very interesting here, is that we will keep registering domains involving Klarna to expose that rotten feminist bank that hates men so much until they (or a court) correct how they wronged us, or until we die. Whichever comes first. So Klarna can keep spending millions attempting to recover, successfully or not, domain after domain for the rest of times, they will still not manage to silence us. This is one way to handle Asymmetrical conflicts.