The Traitorous Bitch

Jody Wilson-Raybould, and Jane Philpott in the background (notice the unbearable victimized bitch face). Photo credit: Canadian Broadcasting Cunts

Jody Wilson-Raybould, and Jane Philpott in the background (notice the unbearable victimized bitch face). Photo credit: Canadian Broadcasting Cunts

We despise Trudeau. In all honesty, though, we have to admit that he was right to want to avoid prosecuting SNC-Lavalin for giving bribes to Syria officials in order to get contracts. First, that’s the way things are done in shit hole countries. No way around it. If you want a contract, you have to bribe the locals. Second, it was in the best interest of Canada to not drag SNC-Lavalin to court.

Unfortunately, Trudeau made the tragic mistake first to have women in his cabinet, and second to have women around solely because of their vagina to fill gender equality quotas.

As we all know, male and female brains are different (see Gender Biology), and the Wilson-Raybould fiasco is a text book example of this.

Wilson-Raybould completely ignored the interests of Canada to act on her emotions in rejecting a deal with SNC-Lavalin. She didn’t make a decision based on logic. Nope, it was purely emotional. A man with a male brain and intact ball sack would have made a deal with SNC-Lavalin because it was in the best interest of the country, and over some alleged offense that is actually normal business practices in the Middle East. For fuck sake, even the completely emasculated feminist Trudeau got it on this one!

Then, as typical of women, Wilson-Raybould played the victim, claiming that she had been pressured, bullied etc… by the Prime Minister Officer to make a deal with SNC-Lavalin. Again, any dude with a nut sack wouldn’t be whining about being bullied. Wilson-Raybould, in playing the victim and pulling the bully card, only demonstrated to the world that women really are not equal to men.

And of course, Wilson-Raybould stabbed Trudeau in the back. The very dude who promoted women like her to positions of authority in the name of equality. The deceitful bitch went as far as entrapping a guy from the PMO and recording him without his knowledge. A low even to politician standards. But again, a typical aspect of the female brain. From an evolutionary perspective, men are loyal, women are not. Women could not survive on their own in a natural environment. So they needed the ability to get a man, and switch from man to man just to stay alive. So loyalty was not an option. Not to mention they also had a vagina, and therefore didn’t need an incentive like loyalty to land a dude. Men, on the other hand, could survive on their own, but could do it better in a group. Group dynamics, hunting and combat efficiency required loyalty. So, they simply had to be loyal to survive.

What happened in the Wilson-Raybould fiasco was to be expected. It is the way of things with women. Hence why our western countries, with so many women in charge, are going to shit. Look at Merkel, Ardern, Pelosi… All acting on emotions, all thriving on the victim condition, and none with loyalty to their own people.

Now, for those who claim Wilson-Raybould did this out of integrity. No, she didn’t. She started undermining Canada the minute she got a cabinet position, including by handing out more free money to First Nations so they could sue the government. Also stalling any legal proceedings not in favor of First Nations… So, this was bad already, but made much worse in the context of the bitch now claiming interference from PMO was ethically wrong, when she was the first one to interfere with various First Nation claims. And everything she did with Trudeau was self-serving. Which seems to be working. Women in Canada are fully supporting her, the poor first nation woman victimized yet by another “man”: Trudeau. While, of course, throwing the feminist Trudeau and relentless supporter of the condition of women under the bus, because, well, women have no loyalty.