Another Way FB Manipulates You

We downloaded and saved the 15GB of data from the NORSKK FB page in anticipation of it being shut down. So we can later use it as evidence when we eventually try the 12,651 cunts who reported us over the years, and the FB morons who falsely claimed we were Nazis or whatever, just to silence us as non-Liberals.

Now guess what: Data provided by FB is incorrect... For example, it shows the page as only having 11,311 likes versus the actual 96,590 as of this instant. Also shows less admins than there actually are.

This is a known Marxist doctrine designed to factionalize and isolate dissenting people, and thus contribute to their psychological isolation, by trying to falsely make them believe they are alone or in much smaller numbers than they think.

This technique is routinely applied by large corporations as part of customer service. For example, when you experience a major issue, the company will either claim it is an isolated incident, or that you are an exception and the problem. When in fact, the issue is widespread.

We also see it in court when we sue large corporations… They go out of their way to make us look smaller than we are, so judges pay less attention to our voice, as the other party always tries to depict us as a minority and on the fringe.

Here FB is falsely claiming that non-liberal pages have only 10% the actual number of followers, and is therefore understating the prevalence of non-liberal views, to both make liberals larger in numbers, and to make non-liberals appear to be a minority, while trying to brainwash them into believing they are a very small isolated minority.

Truly sick…