hall of shame

As per Viking customs, liars, oath breakers, dudes lacking balls or a backbone, and generally all people who are bad to the core, are deemed níðingar. They are outlaws who invariably end up in the Niflhel area of Hel (with the worst ones bathing in a river of venom for eternity, while looking at the rotten half of Hel's body and face). 

In application of Jónsbók and Grágás (medieval Norse laws), as well as modern Helluland and Icelandic laws, the Official Nídingr Registry (ONR) is maintained in Iceland and published by Þing (Government of Helluland, Department of Justice). 

Click here to access the Official Nídingr Registry (ONR) in Iceland.

National Níðingr Factor

National Níðingr Factor among Government Agencies and Corporations


As a Víkingr, you are entitled to bring charges against an individual, a government agency, organization, or corporation. The charges will be reviewed by a þing (Viking Court of Law), and if deemed founded, will result in the party being sentenced to níðingr status.


Name *
(Government Agency/Organization, or Corporation Name)
I swear an oath that the information submitted is true and with basis. I understand that filing false charges will automatically result in níðingr status.