Æsir: Óðinn: Leading Áss

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War, battle, victory, wisdom, prophecy, poetry, and magic. Also Gungnir (the spear that never misses its target), Draupnir (a magical gold ring), Sleipnir (his 8-legged horse), as well as Huginn (thought) and Muninn (memory), two ravens that fly around the world and report their findings to Óðinn in Ásgarðr daily. Óðinn is also accompanied by two wolves, Geri (the ravenous), and Freki (greedy one). Óðinn is also referred to as Hagbard (grey beard), Grímr, as well as over 200 other names.


Óðinn is married to Frigg (whom may be the same person as Freya and even Jǫrð), and he is the father of Þórr and Baldur. He is the ruler of Ásgarðr, home of the Æsir tribe, and one of the Norse nine worlds. Óðinn’s origins are not necessarily clear. He is referred to as the son of Bör and Bestla. However, Óðinn is also believed to be an exceptional Greek warrior who left Greece around 60 B.C., and acquired his status as leading Áss with his prowess and physical appearance, while traveling throughout Europe to Scandinavia.


Óðinn voluntarily lost an eye at Mímisbrunnr, in exchange for a drink from the well of wisdom. He was also impaled with his own spear and hanged at Yggdrasill (the immense sacred yew tree connected to all nine worlds) for 9 days and nights, solely to learn the wisdom that would give him power in the nine worlds. Óðinn rules Valhöll, where half those who die in battle go. During Ragnarøkr, Óðinn is slain by the wolf Fenrir.