Is Diversity a Strength?


Multiculturalism is the inherent result of feminist western societies and is solely based on emotionalism. Multiculturalism has no basis in science or reality, as per the following articles, studies, and research:

The Donwside of Diversity:

It’s just a matter of evolution. Ethnocentric societies are stronger and do better (Plain English: diversity doesn’t work and goes against evolution):

Ethnocentrism is rooted in biological evolution (Plain English: Again, diversity doesn’t work and goes against evolution):

Increase in diversity is related to a decrease is social trust (Plain English: The more diversity, the less people get along):

Social support programs implemented in homogeneous societies are undermined by immigration (Plain English: We’re fine supporting bros in our tribes, but ain’t happening for total strangers, especially for different cultures):

Keeping individual cultures together with marked borders prevent conflicts (Plain English: Muslim and Muslims countries, Norse in Norse countries, and we’ll live happily ever after):

Diversity fucks up group dynamics:

Diversity affects people’s trust and makes them less tolerant:

The more diverse the school environment, the less students will have diverse friends:

Ethnic diversity lowers social cohesion, even in Kangoostan (Australia), like anywhere else:

If you need to read one study on diversity, this is the one. Robert Putnam, a hardcore leftist Harvard Professor, decided to promote his pro-multiculturalism agenda by demonstrating with data the benefits of diversity. What he got, instead, was that diversity simply doesn’t work, diversity destroys trust, and fractures communities. His liberal sensitivities were so hurt by his findings that he waited years to publish the results: