Here's another super high fat/protein and super low carb option for a meal you can source again without hunting and in urban areas, and primarily made of ingredients naturally and traditionally available in the north (well spinach are grown and available in the north nowadays, but unlikely to have been the case during the Viking age). This covers the DAILY Caloric needs of an hybrid, and double that of the average dude. This meal is in line with our recommendations and consistent with the traditional diet humans have evolved on for over 200,000 years. And don't be fooled by the greens! This recipe actually has ever less carbs than Plokkrjúmi (Cream Stew)!


125g butter: 900 Cal 100g fat 1g protein
Creme fraîche (375g): 1250 Cal 150g fat 8g protein
Danish Blue Cheese (125g): 425 Cal 35g fat 25g protein
Chicken: 1,600 Cal 100g of fat 175g protein
Pine nuts (100g): 700 Cal 70g fat 15g protein 15g carbs
Spinach (140g): 40 Cal 1g fat 4g protein 6g carbs


Calories: 5,000
Fat: 350 g (58%)
Protein: 230 g (39%)
Carbs: 20 g (3%)

This recipe is made with 375 g of þykknað rjúmi (thickened cream), an Old Norse traditional cream that is very similar to crème fraîche (but very different from sour cream). You can substitute with crème fraîche, or at a last resort, whipping cream. 125 g of Danish blue cheese (hence the name of the recipe). Also a big chicken (700g), which can be sourced free range locally in most places, or even raised. 100g of baby spinach (gotta be organic or grown in your yard as spinach are otherwise the worst option when it comes to pesticides and thus endocrine disrupters), and 100g of pine nuts.


Preparation time is time it takes to roast chicken + 10 min. You just need to cut the chicken you roasted in small pieces, sear in butter in skillet, add the cream, the cheese, and the spinach. Let simmer for a few minutes, and you’re all set. Just add the pine nuts (preferably roasted) upon serving.

As for the size of the skillet: Just a bit over 1 GUM (Göndull Unit of Measurement)