Get Your Comms in Order

More than ever, protecting your privacy is paramount. With western governments passing new laws every day restricting freedom of speech and categorizing everything from saying that women do not belong in the military to gender being biological as a hate crime, you also need to encrypt your communications.

So, first step, you really need to ditch WhatsApp. It is owned by Facebook for fuck sake Enough said.

Alternative, for your regular private communications, is Signal. It’s free, and works on your phone as well as desktop.

For more official stuff, you can also use Silent Circle, which works for both messages and voice communications. It is however much less user friendly, doesn’t work on desktop, and costs money. It is an official method of communications here, and you can reach us on Silent Circle at NORSKK.

For email, there is only one option: Proton Mail. Basic account is free. It is also our official provider for encrypted email. Reaching any of us via encrypted email/proton mail is very simple. Just replace in any of our email address with So, to reach our regular general email, non-encrypted, you’d use To reach us on proton using encryption, you just use

Last, you can also use Iridium satellite phones. While the system is encrypted, U.S. government can nonetheless monitor the communications.