Time to Push Back

We hear about a gender gap all the time. Women being allegedly disadvantaged in comparison to men, not getting the jobs they deserve, getting lower pay than us, being under-represented in universities and so on.

Well, this is liberal propaganda with no basis in facts or reality.

The reality is, there is a gender gap, and we men are the ones being fucked. The latest study, Wayward Sons: The Emerging Gender Gap in Labor Markets and Education, gives you an overview of the situation.

How did this happen? Simple really. A culture of equality of outcome rather than equality of opportunities has resulted in institutionalized affirmative action, and thus the systemic discrimination of men, so women can get jobs, education, and anything else they want, not based on merit, but based on simply having a vagina.

It is time to push back. How? The same way our feminized governments have excluded us, through affirmative action promoting males and specifically excluding females.

So, you need to stop hiring women. Which nowadays is good risk management anyway, as having women around in the work place, besides the costs of maternity leave, lower productivity, culture of whining and victimization, means that it is only a matter of time before you get accused of sexual harassment or bullying (any critical feedback is now deemed bullying). Do not mentor women in your field anymore either. Get men or boys. They desperately need it, and they are less likely to claim in 20 years from now that you victimized them, somehow.

You also need to stop doing business with women. Pick your suppliers based on gender. Select males. It is in your best interest anyway, as majority of women got a job based on vagina rather than skills, so they tend to be completely inept at their trade.

Do not spend your money where it profits women, or where it promotes any woman agenda. So, any company that sponsors or supports women group, or women events, is out.

Get involved as well in men’s groups that specifically exclude women. There are shit loads of women groups being praised by modern society for excluding men, so there is no reason you shouldn’t do the same.

Avoid Netflix, and all the Hollywood crap, as they are a breeding ground for male emasculation, liberal and feminist propaganda, and the promotion of women. So, yeah, ditch Netflix and Amazon Prime.

In other words, outside of smashing pussy and breeding, simply exclude women from your life. Don’t think twice about the ethical aspect of this approach. After all, this is exactly what vaginas of all genders have been doing to us men over the past decades, with the catastrophic societal consequences we are now seeing.