Building Men

In the old days, a blood line was meaningful, with each descendant expected to meet certain standards in line with those of his father and grand father. This is because each man in the blood line was of high character enough to raise boys properly, so they could bear his name with pride, and continue the blood line.

This concept has been lost in modern society for quite some time, with the situation becoming worse now that any pride one one’s own ancestry and blood line is stigmatized.

Part of being a man, and following the old ways, is to return to a meaningful way of life, which includes turning your boys into men you will be proud of.

This is a message posted in our internal message board by one of the Norwegian kids who is 19, and who providing some advice to fathers, while giving some insight in the way he was raised.

With my bro, Håkon, we had a pretty awesome upbringing, even though it was pretty tough at times. We realized from an early age however that it wasn't the same for all kids and there were an awful lot of dysfunctional families, even when ideally set up to modern standards with mother and father (we were raised as warriors by dudes from an early age).

For those of you with kids, or about to have kids, never forget you are a role model. So you must really set an example. Too many times, even as younger kids, we'd see other parents behavior, and think, WTF...

While we found the actions of our mothers at time particularly retarded (even in hindsight), we never did for our dad and his bro (we usually refer to them both as our "dads" but out of context, it does sound gay), as well as the other guys in unit who contributed to raising us... Takes a tribe to raise a child... ;-) Long story short, is because they set an example and walked the talk.

So, guys, it is essential you do the same with your boys. I remember a kid in school (we were exposed on occasions to public schools in several countries to understand the world) who had stolen something and got the shit beaten out of him by his father, who was just out of jail for... robbery. It may be an extreme example, but how can a kid understand fairness, and what is right, when he will be punished for stealing by his stealing father? How can the kid also not be fucked in the head upon being beaten up by someone much stronger than him (because he got it real bad. My brother actually eventually beat the crap out of the dad over this)? Our dad, one of the unit commanders here, can be particularly violent. But it is not based on a loss of control, or abusing weaker people, and he never was violent with us, only sparring when we came of age, training us to fight when time came, and with his bro, and rest of guys in unit, just smacking us at the back of the head from time to time, which we don't deem violence (and which they still do to this day).

Also, the public education system does not build men. It builds useless broken pussies. Nothing that is learned in school is relevant. It is all theoretical propaganda. So, it falls on you, the father, to teach shit to your kids. If you don't, they will be useless pussies, as you cannot trust the state to do it for you. The state wants ewes. Not men.

This also starts very young. I remember, again in school, kids telling how they had spent their week end... Watching TV, playing video games, going to the mall, or whining about being... bullied online... While my brother and I had spent the week end hunting caribou with a bow, finding hidden hot springs in the north, learning to fly a float plane, or shadowing fully developed Ulfs in combat zones or hostile areas. As a matter of fact, we didn't even have a TV, we never played video games, and the first trip to a mall was recently when Håkon lost his shirt and needed to buy one (he was nearly molested by crazy girls and women). We didn't even use the internet really, and to this day, my brother doesn't even go online for anything (like one of our dads for that matter).

So, guys, take your boys away from the TV, computer and malls, and teach them shit. You don't need a contract protecting shipping lines and thus practicing boarding a ship to teach them relevant shit. Even just nature stuff will make them men.

And of course, let your boys be boys. Boys like to get dirty. They like to fight (we never got punished for fair fights or unfair fights when justified). They like to build things. To destroy things. It isn't ADHD. It is being boys. Again, every teacher pretty much claimed we had ADHD. Invariably, our dads would say, no, what they have is a nut sack... We never were medicated, and the one teacher who tried to do so without our consent lost her job. ADHD more often that not seems to be an excuse to emasculate boys. Some boys cannot learn much in a classroom setting, sure, but this is not ADHD. This is because boys are different and learn from doing, not from listening a fat slob talking about physical training.

Lastly, stand for your boys and your beliefs and values. Too often did we see fathers who didn't stand by their boys, although doing so was right, was fair, and was in line with the dad's value. I think this type of things really fuck up kids. Again, for us, our dads, and the unit guys ALWAYS stood by and for us when it was the right thing to do, and when it was upholding our values, no matter how much backlash and aggravation they got for it.

So, let your boys be boys. If you don't, they will turn into the liberal pussies we all despise.

I am posting this because we are witnessing an entire generation, our generation, that is pretty much lost: Useless pussies so fixated on their phone that they will hit shit walking, with small minds incapable of critical thinking, entirely reliant on the state, and with an absolute inability to survive outside of a mall.

A contrast to my bro and I. We're only 19 and we can survive pretty much anywhere on our own. We can fight pretty decently. We can be dropped off HALO over a ship off Somalia and take control of it. We can operate every method of transportation. We can build a log house. We can heal ourselves and our own with plants. We can stitch ourselves. We can shoot all guns. We understand ecosystems and know wildlife. We can take pain. Privation. Discomfort. Distress. We are Norðmenn.

Make sure your boys grow up to be men. It falls on you.