Surviving a Feminized Society

The feminization of society will be the doom of western civilization. From our militaries to our politics, we watch, every day, in complete astonishment and disbelief, where vaginas of all genders are taking us. We’re likely past the point of no return. All civilizations eventually fail. Collapse is also a result of the inherent liberalization of any society on the long term. So, what can men do to live a relatively good life away from the retardation, while making themselves ready for what is to come?

Here are the basics:

Survival Guide to a Failing Feminized Society


As we said before, the first step is to get fit. Mens sana in corpore sano. A healthy mind in a healthy body. Then you need to learn, or get better at, those skills essential for any man at a primitive, instinctive, and evolutionary level: Hunting, survival, defense, combat, tools, and of course, weapons. But you shouldn’t put all your money on weapons only. You won’t survive long when/if shit hits the fan if your primary skill is weapons, no matter how many of them you have, or how much ammo you hoarded. Learning how to build a bow and use it is also a good idea.

In addition to these skills, you need to develop psychological flexibility, as in being able to deal with any situation really, without being traumatized or thrown off course. You also need to train to adapt to all sorts of situations, and above all, you need to develop resilience. Because, even in an ideal case scenario, life will throw complications your way, so imagine when things really start going to Hel.

One sure thing, you should avoid college. Unless you are milking a GI Bill or something equivalent. College will get you nothing but neurosis and huge debt (or waste of money). Imagine what you could build with that cash? So, if you get some education, stick to actual trades: Carpentry, wood working, blacksmithing, etc… Not only these trades will be very useful in your every day life, but will also give you self-employment options.


You also need to build a tribe. If you are into pussy, get a good woman, breed her, and take advantages of her evolutionary nurturing inclinations for your tribe. If you aren’t into pussy, or if you can’t find anything suitable, get a bro, but still try to breed. Jurisdictions like Ontario in Canada allow you to essentially get a womb for your offsprings without the mother having any right to the kids, or without her qualifying for child support, if it is agreed to in a contract beforehand. This step is important, you should be paired with someone within the grander scheme of the tribe.

Then you need to gather other dudes who share the same values, ethos, and whom you are compatible with. Compatibility is a big thing. You may have the same views on everything, yet drive each other insane. The tribe will work like a community, support network, and a team, so you can achieve better things while having your back covered, and covering the back of others, as the protective instinct of a man is typically pretty strong.

And remember, you need at least one bro. A man is a pack animal. Ber er hver að baki nema sér bróður eigi. Bare is the back of a brotherless man. 


You need to become independent so you can later disengage. We’re talking first financial and life independence. As in getting self-employed. First, you will have more control over your life, second, you won’t have to repress your views in fear that you will be fired for just having a non-liberal opinion, or for falsely being called a Nazi or white supremacist because you don’t want your country to become Islamic State 2.0. The skills you acquire will be instrumental is you securing self-employment. Because core male skills are always in demand, and a lot of men need these skills to be taught. Feminization of society will only increase demand for this.

You also need to get land. Not a big house on a small lot. No. Big land for a tiny house (because the bigger it is, the more money and resources it will cost you for nothing). Ideally, you should have enough land to grow and raise things, and ideally you should have your own source of water, as in stream, or lake.

You also need to stop buying crap. Only buy what you need, and spend more to get quality so you don’t have to replace the shit constantly. Disengage from the culture of consumption. It will be good for you, your tribe, but also society, as you won’t contribute to financing dumb cunts who want you dead with sales taxes and economic boost.

End your reliance on the state. Get off the grid. Both literally and figuratively.


This is the last step, once you’ve got the skills, your tribe, and your independence. Doesn’t mean that you are abandoning modern life at all. Nope, you can still milk the benefits of progress: Medicine, engineering, technology etc… Just to make your life easier and better, without becoming dependent on it.

Then disengage from system. It will be not only good for your sanity, but disengagement also means you will no longer support, financially and otherwise, the very feminized state that is destroying men and civilization. Abandon social constructs as well, especially liberal or Abrahamic. Make your own rules, so it suits you and your tribe, not other morons. Ditch social media.

Ultimately, do not allow toxic modern feminized society to emasculate you.

You are a man.