Sex Ed

Sexual education here is in complete opposition to the direction our western societies are taking.

Upon boys about to reach puberty (not before), they are told that, depending which hole they blow in, it will result in impregnation. They are also advised that different hole uses without protection carry different risks of sexual transmitted infections.

That’s it. No talk about “sexual orientation”. It is left up to them to decide where to shove their dick. No talk about “gender identity” as there are only two genders, they are biological, and the boys know this damn well by the time they reach puberty.

Once the boys have reached sexual maturity (and thus sexual development), they are also free to fuck whoever they want, irrespective of their age (laws in Nordic countries are also different from America). Before sexual maturity, there is no talk about sex, and no exposure to sex, even the concept of it, whatsoever. After sexual maturity, they can go as wild as they want.

Approach is simply natural and evolutionary. Until a boy has developed into a sexually mature and functional male, he simply isn’t meant to have any involvement or exposure to sex. Once he is fully sexually developed, he is meant, from a natural and evolutionary perspective, to start spreading seeds. This is reflected in how sex ed is approached.