The Norðmaðr Food Guide

As humans, we have evolved as hunters/gatherers. We have evolved on animal protein and fat. This is why we have canines. This is why our brain grew large so we could build civilizations. This is why our digestive system is designed to digest meat and far, and is not that of an herbivore.

We can survive without carbohydrates and sugar, but we cannot survive without protein and fat. In fact, we can produce the sugar we need for our brain to operate with fats.

Carbohydrates as a dominant aspect of our diet only became a reality when we stopped hunting and gathering, and started farming. It all went downhill from there, at many different levels. Not only diet and fitness, but also marking the end of tribes.

Liberal societies would have you believe that a plant-based diet is sustainable both at a nutritional level and an environmental level. It is not. A man requires animal protein and fat to keep his testosterone levels going, and to build and maintain muscle mass. Without enough animal fats (at the very least, 30%), testosterone levels will collapse (therefore not surprising liberal societies want men to be vegan). From an environmental perspective, a vegan or vegetarian diet is not sustainable as it cannot be grown locally and is entirely reliant on carbon and energy-incentive supply chains (see “The Devastation of Veganism”). Furthermore, no plant-based diet can cover all the required macronutrient needs of a man.

Your diet should therefore consist primarily of animal protein and fat. Meat, fish, eggs, and dairy. With the occasional greens/carbs as required, but only in small quantities.