“It takes a special kind of man to take a punch and keep going. And it takes an idiot to love it. And boy you’re an idiot”



23 year old. Half-blood Swede, half-blood Scott. WOLF OF ÓÐINN. Dixon, Illinois, United States of America.


I’ve been wrestling since I was a kid. But I never got anywhere with it until I joined the United States Marine Corps. In 2011. I started falling in love with Martial Arts, and tried to get my hands on as much knowledge humanly possible. Continued to train in the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program (MCMAP). I began competing in state wide tournaments in 2014 when I a Traveling team was finally formed and thanks to an amazing coach and a great team I won my weight class and the whole division the first tournament I competed in. Beat everyone by submission with minutes. And at that point I was hooked on everything to do with Jiu Jitsu.  

I recently was done with my contract with the marines and came home to hopefully continue my career in Jiu Jitsu. But, I came home to a place where Jiu Jitsu is only for the rich or suburban Chicago athletes. And needless to say there isn’t much money in civilian life for a killer… So I began long hours and hard work with my brother at his painting business. That only lasted a short time, you can’t keep an athlete from his discipline for long. I began searching for a place to continue my training and remembered my roots in Muay Thai and went back to my birthplace a few hours away with my family. Started training immediately and remembered how brutal this sport was, how painful the training was. Everyday there was another bruise. Another cut. Another bottle of pain meds. AND I LOVED IT! 


Jiu Jitsu: 10-2 weight: 215 pounds
MMA: 0-0-0   weight: 206-265 pounds