By Eva Þuríðarðóttir


When my brother, a Úlfheðinn here at Norskk, asked me if I was willing to be a contributor to Víkinga Mál, I didn’t known, at first, what to write or where to begin.

I am not an advocate for or against anything. I just have a dream and that dream always takes me back to the concept and idea that man should be free – freedom is my passion and in today’s society, freedom is a dying concept.

We live like drones or zombies if you will, even I do. I am a slave inside of a system that slowly but surely chokes everything; passion, ingenuity, individuality, and the capacity of free thought out of us all. If you dare to raise yourhand against it, you will labeled and those labels are usually not kind or even descriptive. We fall into the same hole in the road, and same error of judgment every time. We judge what we do not understand and we are easily divided – destabilized and conquered by the powerful.  I am of the opinion that you should never respect power. Instead, it is strength you should favor, and I believe that some men and women are “natural born” leaders. The best leaders in their field. I have had the pleasure of knowing leaders who were also teachers, and at the core of their teaching is strategy! 

Am I a viking? Yes, if you look at my family tree most people would agree that I am. Does that make me better or worse than persons that “belong” to any other group or “tribe” of people? No, it does not. I was just lucky enough to be born here on this beautiful Island in the north and raised heathen. With a specialkind of Icelandic insight into Christianity thrown into the mix. I am a heathen to the core – hardcore and old school!  

In a book called Daughters of Eve (1930) by Gamaliel Bradford, p. 192. The author quotes Kathrine The Great of Russia as to have once said: “A great wind is blowing, and that gives you either imagination or a headache.” Looking onto the world today with my geopolitical glasses, I have made those words mine, and I still feel that there is time for humanity to wake up – be rid of greed and manipulation. We do not all need to think the same way, dress the same way or live the same way or even uphold the same values. However we all need to respect mother earth and learn to value the gifts she gives us. It would actually be wise of us to do so, because, after all, nature is so much cleverer than we are.  

What does being a modern day viking mean? And were do Norse women stand in our culture and society today?  – The term viking, creates a mental pictures in the minds of people who are familiar with it, and more often than not, it is a picture of bloodthirsty berserks with horns. Somewhere along the road, attempts were made to steal our history and identity, and everything was bastardized and twisted into a few stories of bloodthirsty people that wanted nothing more than to conquer and enslave others. When the goal all along was in fact freedom, survival, and the right to live our lives as we saw fit! Did we, in the process, enslave and conquer others? Yes, we did, but those days are long gone. To better understand who we Vikings are, we need to look at the history of Norway and Iceland. We must also understand the sagas, as the people who built these nations and tribes.

In my future articles. I will try to answer these questions about freedom and identity from a viking woman's point of view.