Ending All Ties

By Þór Þórðarson


Like Ásatrúarfélagið (Ásatrú group in Iceland currently building a Norse hól), we have experienced harassment from so called "Folkish Heathen" groups, primarily from the United States. Ásatrúarfélagið has indicated they would not engage in any relationship with other Ásatrú/Odinist Organizations, and we have decided to follow their lead (although the tribal nature of Ásatrú means our organizations are not related).

The decision to end all ties and connections with other Ásatrú/Odinist Organizations is not a matter of freedom of expression. Besides, threatening others so they accept one's beliefs, as other Folkish organizations have done, does not constitute freedom of expression, but is the very definition of oppression. Such actions are also more consistent with those of Abrahamic religions, than Ásatrú.

No, our decision is based on our views that some Folkish Ásatrú/Odinist organizations' interpretation of Old Norse texts, history, culture, and tradition is well, completely incorrect, and is founded on propaganda rather than facts. In some instances, we even believe that some people are only using Norse paganism as an excuse to express neo-nazi views they would otherwise not have the balls to own. 

In other words, we believe that the views of some Folkish organizations have deviated from actual Ásatrú to such an extent, that they no longer constitute Norse paganism. As a result, any tie or connection with such organization wouldn't be much different to us than having relationships with the Southern Baptist Church, or even ISIS.

You can also read more information about "Race Purity in Ásatrú", as well as "Homosexuality in Ásatrú".

Note: Our position only applies to other Ásatrú/Odinist/Forn Siðr groups at the organizational levels. Members or people with ties to such organizations are not affected by our decision and are still welcome at NØRSKK.

Þór Þórðarson

Reykjavík, Iceland