Terrorism is Not the Threat

By Christopher Bjørnsen


We, western countries, allocate an inordinate amount of resources for supposedly fighting terrorism at the hands of so-called religious extremists. In doing so, we are infringing on our own freedoms, modifying our traditional lifestyles, and changing the very essence and making of our societies. 

Yet, the average American or European is far more likely to be killed by a police officer or a vehicle than by a terrorist. Terrorism therefore is not the actual threat. Terrorism is merely a diversion. 

While we are focusing our limited resources on terrorism, Islam is indeed quietly imposing its repressive and oppressive ideology on our people, through psychological warfare, mass immigration, and our own courts (with human rights tribunals having become a far more serious enemy of the state than terrorism itself). 

We are at a point where various elements of sharia law are slowly but surely being implemented throughout the western world, in the name of cultural diversity, at the cost, clearly, of our own ancestral traditions, while incidentally promoting the terrorist diversion at the same time.

In Canada, Border Services Officers no longer ask women to show their face by removing their burqa in order to enter the country, as long as they can show a Canadian passport. A passport which validity cannot be confirmed. In the United Kingdom, young girls are forced into arranged marriages, and young boys are used as sex slaves, with the blessing of the state eager to avoid any confrontation in the name of cultural diversity. In France, entire suburbs of Paris are under Muslim rule, and completely beyond the reach of republican law. In Sweden, the itinerary of gay prides is modified in order to accommodate Islam hatred against gays.

The world over, we are allowing key aspects of sharia law, and thus Islam, through the courts, or through our own weaknesses, to become part of our society and to replace our democratic values.

As Ayaan Hirsi Ali pointed out, "Islam is not a religion of peace. It's a political theory of conquest that seeks domination by any means it can."

We must wake up and understand we are not at war against terrorism. We are at war against Islam. If we don't, our very survival as western civilization is at risk.