Soldiers of Odin

By Christopher Bjørnsen

Soldiers of Odin are bad news for many reasons, and they are ultimately a threat to national security.

Christian Organization

The group is heavily influenced by Christianity. As a matter of fact, Soldiers of Odin promotional materials first published on its Facebook page include a bible verse (Ezekiel 25:17). SOO therefore encompasses an Abrahamic polarization opposing Christianity to Islam, ultimately promoting Christian values, at a time when Nordic countries were finally distancing themselves from the Church. The reference to "Odin" (actually Óðinn) is also merely cultural appropriation, as a tactic to conceal the organization's actual Abrahamic and oppressive agenda.

Neo-Nazi Organization

Soldiers of Odin, despite its claims to the contrary, is also a hate group with a strong neo-Nazi doctrine of racial supremacy. The neo-nazi aspect of the group is also very well illustrated by its many members sporting SS and other Nazi symbols and apparel while on vigilantes patrols. Many members are in fact also drawn from other white supremacy and neo-nazi organizations, with many of them even having been convicted for various hate crimes.

Unqualified Members

The organization is further made up of highly unqualified and often unfit individuals, with no proper training, skills, or ethos. Besides presenting an actual danger to public safety, members of SOO also greatly interfere with the legitimate work of law enforcement agencies, as well as the military, and undermine the rule of law.

Promotion of non-Norse Values

In addition, SOO embraces the very Abrahamic approach that individuals are helpless and cannot take responsibility for their own lives, and as a result, need militias to ensure their safety and security. This is in dire contrast with fundamental Norse values that promote the need and ability for every individual to stand and fight for his family and/or tribe, without relying on third parties. Indeed, an actual Víkingr and Norðmann can take it upon himself to defend and protect those he loves, may it be his women, children, or brothers, should the need ever arise. 

Promotion of Muslim Extremism

Soldiers of Odin also send the false message that the rule of law does not prevail in our lands, and as such, public safety can only be ensured by private militias. This leads Muslims to seek entry in our countries, expecting that they will be able to do as they please. Ultimately, SOO therefore promotes religious extremism on our own soil.

Threat to National Security

The Christian and extremist nature of Soldiers of Odin, the background of its members and their lack of skills and qualifications, the interference of the organization with legitimate law enforcement endeavors, the promotion of non-Norse values, and the organization's indirect promotion of Muslim extremism, essentially makes Soldiers of Odin an national security threat.